Fitness Consultation

Why is a Fitness Consultation So Important?

Dave conducts a fitness consultation with every client and does a thorough assessment and evaluation to develop a customized fitness and nutrition program. Every personal and online training package includes a comprehensive fitness consultation evaluating, assessing, and identifying your goals, medical history, past & current diet & nutrition, exercise history, and much more. This is one of the most important parts of the personal training process. Without being able to identify what limitations you currently have or have encountered in the past, it’s extremely difficult to create solutions and overcome obstacles that you are currently or previously experienced that are keeping you from reaching your health and fitness goal(s).

Fitness Consultation Includes:

  • Cover Medical History Questionnaire
  • Discuss Short and Long Term Health & Fitness Goals
  • Review Current Diet & Nutrition
  • Cover Past & Current Exercise Programs
  • Discuss Online and/or Personal Training Programs