I’ve been working with Dave since early this year. This is my first time working with a trainer, and I had some reservations about doing so, but I am glad I did. Dave has set the bar high for anyone I work with in the future.

Dave is intelligent, professional, and always positive. He is encouraging without being pushy. He quickly and readily adapts what we are doing if I am not feeling my best. He has a common-sense approach to diet, exercise, and fitness in general.

I had been in an exercise rut, and I had some pain and physical issues after, stupidly, running a race without warming up. Dave has been working with me to fix mechanical flaws and to address those nagging aches and pains. I’m also making progress again on my strength training — and my very happy husband declares that I am in the best shape of my life!



Don’t hesitate, Dave is great for any age!!!
Dave trained my hubby and I together for three months and did a terrific job!    We are ages 74 and 70.   We have a home gym and are life long exercisers, but we hired Dave because our techniques were in need of updating and correction.

Dave geared the exercises progressively according to our levels of strength and needs being  attentive to details of body mechanics and form.  He was patient, kind and professional.  He put up with our dogs and us . . . and we had fun, learned a lot, gained muscle mass and are now motivated to continue on our own with the workouts he provided.

Dave cares about his clients and is a really nice guy!   We plan on having a tune up when we are 84 and 80 (God willing)


I was not motivated to work out on my own and had been suffering from lower back pain and an overactive trap. Tried several rounds of physical therapy and was just depressed about not getting much relief at all. So I decided to give a personal trainer a shot – enter David.

2 months later, my trap and back feel much much better, almost entirely healed. On top of it I feel stronger, more muscular and so much better about my fitness. David’s awesome, I always look forward to our workouts. Never felt like being fit has been this easy. Definitely one of the best investments and decisions I’ve ever made.


I am definitely glad to choose Dave as my trainer. Dave is very knowledgeable and patient. I have made really good progress since I signed up. He will motivate you and push you to your limits that you wouldn’t able to do on your own. Also he often change the difficulty of course to adapt your current situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact him. You won’t regret it



I stumbled across Dave by randomly searching on Yelp. Truly this man knows his stuff and is very passionate about his job. I not only found his workout routines to be effective, I am able to duplicate them during my own gym time. I am sure I exhausted him with my endless questions about nutrition, exercise routine or understanding the body, he always patiently answered all of them. My time and money were well spent given my transformation as well as regaining my self confidence.


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“Dave is an amazing individual and personal trainer, he’s outgoing, friendly and very motivational. I started with him close to a year ago I’ve never been in better shape my entire life, I feel better today at 52 then I did at 32. He makes working out actually fun for the first time ever I’m actually enjoying it. If you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more than Body by Dave!”





* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.


“I was having some mobility/flexibility issues with my legs and hips.  Body By Dave came highly recommended as an experienced professional that would be able provide me with the appropriate corrective stretching procedures needed to ensure relief. The effectiveness of David’s training is second to none!  After 1 intense session with David, I regained flexibility/mobility that i haven’t experienced since  I was in high school.  Additionally, the price point for his services were significantly better than the other fitness professionals that I contacted.  I was very pleased the results!!”





* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.


You would say, because San Diego supposed to be the hub in fitness, it would be easier to find a Personal Trainer. Well, not so!!!

Before I found Dave, I first tried to hired 6 other personal trainers which it was a total frustration. Please don’t take me wrong, four out six of these trainers are in excellent shape.

I became a student of Exercise Science which I have been for the last four years. Because my doctor told me, that I was over 100lbs overweight, and I needed to lose them ASAP. So I thought if this is going to be my lifestyle I’ll better learn it correctly from the get go. But in order to reach fully my goal, I have reached the point where I need another set of eyes and brain. I share this piece of information, to let you know, that I know what to look for and what to disregard in relation of hiring a Personal Trainer.

When I finally found Dave, I couldn’t be happier!! To me, the number one door opener “Resume” of any Personal Trainer is their own looks. Because if they were able to get there, and keep themselves that way, they are going to be able to help me to get there as well. If their bodies doesn’t tell me, that they practice what their preach, I am moving to the next option!!

I choose a Personal Trainer, like choosing a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, etc. Because a Personal Trainer is going to be involved with my life and health. He or she will have a say, in my health, nutrition, sleeping and living habits. It cannot be just anyone, but someone who will inspire me, trustworthy, reliable as a good doctor and/or a good lawyer would be.

Dave have this great combination!! He is in an amazing shape!! He is knowledgeable, polite, reliable, engaged, follow through, caring, flexible, he takes his clients very serious and invest himself on them. He accommodates you and work with your schedule and personal needs. He has an amazing plus, he provides mobile services which it makes him perfect for me!! If you cannot commute to his gym, because of time restrictions, lacking of personal transportation, or whatever might be, he is your option. He will go to your office, to your home gym or outdoors if you would prefer.

Don’t waste your time looking for anyone else, specially if you are time restrained, or for a short period of time here in So Cal. Just give Dave a call, set up your Free Consultation with him and go from there. Don’t overthink it, but give him a try!! Save yourself frustration, time and money. Dave fees are very reasonable, specially when you’ll realize what you are getting, a top professional!!

I am very selective!! But I recommend Dave as a Personal Trainer to anyone!!!

Thank you Dave!! 🙂





* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.


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When choosing a trainer, it is important to me to find someone who is extremely knowledgeable as well as professional. Dave is that trainer. Being certified as a trainer myself and coming back from a few injuries, I appreciate Dave’s attention to detail in ensuring that I execute the exercises with correct form and alignment.

Dave understands and emphasizes a well rounded approach to fitness, and incorporates nutritional counseling and stretching/foam rolling into his sessions to help you reach your goals. If you are looking for a trainer who will not only work you harder, but also smarter, Dave is your man.





* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.

Michael W.

Just had 10 sessions with Dave while on vacation in San Diego. Dave was incredible – extremely knowledgeable, focused on the client needs and outcomes and provided an exceptional workout experience. I especially liked how Dave incorporates a holistic health based approach to training. I have had many personal trainers to assist with my work out goals over the years and Dave has been the best! When I return to San Diego next for work or vacation, I will be reaching out to Dave for continued training support. Well worth the investment and thrilled I made the choice to train with Dave. Thanks Dave!




* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.


David is an elite trainer . Extremely knowledgeable , Professional , Organized , and is so personable ! From our first meeting I can tell he is passionate about fitness and nutrition and love helping others attain their own goals. World Gym is not the easiest place gym to work out since everyone here is a super star. David really find the words to keep your attention and really focus on your self.

What i like the most of that on every workout he demonstrates the proper form and explain what area of the body we are working and why . He is consistently motivate and show me that I’m much stronger and more capable than I think.

Thank you for helping me and Ricky to keep the hard work.



* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.


Ali & Dave at Hospital

Hi this is Noura. I just want to share with you my lovely experience with Body by Dave. The amazing experience for us to have it with David for my father (patient at the ucsd hospital ) I know if I want to talk I cannot say enough goods about him. He started with him just as a physical therapy with a muscle moving just on the bed and that helped the muscle to improved really good in about one months there was a very big fantastic result with the muscles, with holding stuff and carrying or standing, in the second month my father can walk very good by using the walker and he can turn like two or three laps at the hospital and that was very very very good and unexpected. We are still having David as long as we can through our stays in United States. Again, David thanks very much for helping us.. I can give you 1000 over 100% As a trainer , as the physical therapy and more as a friend.. Thanks again and good luck.

* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.