In the last 30 years, I have used about 20 different trainers and Dave is by far the best! He is very knowledgeable, motivating, and he cares. I highly recommend him and know that he can help you reach you fitness goals.

Craig’s Review on Google


Dave is the best personal trainer I have ever had. I am 70 years old, and I never thought I could back be back to the way I was years ago. I highly recommend Dave. Dave is absolutely the best!


Six months prior to my wedding, I hired Dave to help me get ready for the big day. He has been awesome so far! Before I even officially hired Dave he gave me a full hour to get to know him and go over my entire plan. We have been working out 3x a week at 5am and the results have been awesome. I have lost inches everywhere and my % of body fat is going down month after month. I feel strong, lean and athletic again! Dave has a whole plan and a lot of tools and apps to keep track of your overall progress. He is very encouraging but also holds you accountable to weigh-ins and measurements which I appreciate and need! It has been working so well that my best friend decided to join us and it has been working great for her too! Dave is definitely the best trainer out there! I would highly recommend for anyone that is sick of just taking exercises classes / doing cardio and hoping for the best. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes to be on a consistent plan created and monitored by an expert like Dave.

Morgan’s Review on Google


“Dave is a terrific trainer and coach! I’ve worked with multiple trainers in the past and he is, by far, the most effective trainer I’ve ever engaged. Dave is attentive, supportive, knowledgeable, and smart > tailoring workouts to achieve my goals in a realistic timeframe. He is professional, reliable, and interesting with no drama or BS. I’ve recommended him to my friends and heartily endorse him to anyone!”

Ed’s Review on Google


I have been working with Dave for several months while undergoing treatment for cancer. My illness had rendered me practically immobile. In conjunction with medical treatment which has been shrinking the cancer, Dave has employed a combination of body work and exercises which has me up and moving again and getting into shape. The transformation is incredible. His expertise and super positive attitude have been invaluable in my recovery. If Dave can get me in shape in my condition, just imagine what he can do for you! Thanks Dave!

Gordon’s Review on Google 


I obtained Dave’s services quite by accident, while searching on-line for someone to organize and direct my weight loss. His extensive knowledge and client focus has enabled me to not only reach my goal of losing a few pounds but getting to and maintaining a very health lifestyle I never thought I would be able to achieve. Dave’s friendly manner and emphasis on a well-rounded approach to fitness makes reaching your goals seem almost effortless. Even after a 25-year career in the military and running numerous marathons, I find myself, at 74 to be in the best shape of my life. This unquestionably due to the year-long guidance and assistance of Dave. I rarely write reviews but it is with no reservation I highly recommend Dave Taupin as a personal trainer.

Galen’s Review on Google


I began working with Dave in order to get back in shape after a relocation and year of extensive intense work travel. Working with Dave twice a week has led to increases in strength, flexibility, and overall athletic performance. Dave effectively use periodization training with me to both continue to create gains, while also minimizing potential for injury. Dave provides expert training, diet, and hydration guidance, especially with respect to my high travel work. We have developed challenging workouts for low equipment settings, and critical diet plans to keep from gaining 5 pounds every trip through the airport. I can recommend Dave without reservation.

Mike’s Review on Google


I’ve been working with Dave since early this year. This is my first time working with a trainer, and I had some reservations about doing so, but I am glad I did. Dave has set the bar high for anyone I work with in the future.

Dave is intelligent, professional, and always positive. He is encouraging without being pushy. He quickly and readily adapts what we are doing if I am not feeling my best. He has a common-sense approach to diet, exercise, and fitness in general.

I had been in an exercise rut, and I had some pain and physical issues after, stupidly, running a race without warming up. Dave has been working with me to fix mechanical flaws and to address those nagging aches and pains. I’m also making progress again on my strength training — and my very happy husband declares that I am in the best shape of my life!



Don’t hesitate, Dave is great for any age!!!
Dave trained my hubby and I together for three months and did a terrific job!    We are ages 74 and 70.   We have a home gym and are life long exercisers, but we hired Dave because our techniques were in need of updating and correction.

Dave geared the exercises progressively according to our levels of strength and needs being  attentive to details of body mechanics and form.  He was patient, kind and professional.  He put up with our dogs and us . . . and we had fun, learned a lot, gained muscle mass and are now motivated to continue on our own with the workouts he provided.

Dave cares about his clients and is a really nice guy!   We plan on having a tune up when we are 84 and 80 (God willing)


I was not motivated to work out on my own and had been suffering from lower back pain and an overactive trap. Tried several rounds of physical therapy and was just depressed about not getting much relief at all. So I decided to give a personal trainer a shot – enter David.

2 months later, my trap and back feel much much better, almost entirely healed. On top of it I feel stronger, more muscular and so much better about my fitness. David’s awesome, I always look forward to our workouts. Never felt like being fit has been this easy. Definitely one of the best investments and decisions I’ve ever made.


I am definitely glad to choose Dave as my trainer. Dave is very knowledgeable and patient. I have made really good progress since I signed up. He will motivate you and push you to your limits that you wouldn’t able to do on your own. Also he often change the difficulty of course to adapt your current situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact him. You won’t regret it



I stumbled across Dave by randomly searching on Yelp. Truly this man knows his stuff and is very passionate about his job. I not only found his workout routines to be effective, I am able to duplicate them during my own gym time. I am sure I exhausted him with my endless questions about nutrition, exercise routine or understanding the body, he always patiently answered all of them. My time and money were well spent given my transformation as well as regaining my self confidence.