Adam's Before & After

My personal fitness adventure started about 10 weeks ago when the reality that I was going to be

getting married on the beaches of St. Lucia in 6 months and that I wasn’t even close to being in
the shape that I wanted to be in set in.

All of my life, I thought I knew quite a bit about staying in shape and maintaining a healthy
lifestyle. I played basketball all throughout high school and even played a few semesters of
intramural roller hockey in college. What I didn’t realize at the time was that much of my
success of staying in shape was mostly due to a metabolism that hadn’t quite slowed down yet.

Then college ended. The days of finding an easy workout partner were over. Motivation was
getting low and it was way too easy to come up with excuses without someone there to push you.

“I will go to the gym tomorrow.”
“It’s raining today, I will go running when the sun comes out.”
“I can burn that food off at the gym in no time!”

Wrong. Along with the ever growing pile of excuses, I watched the numbers on the scale climb
just as quickly.

“What is happening? I never used to have this much problem staying in shape!”

It wasn’t until after proposing to the love of my life that I decided that it was time to do
something about it. We decided to get married on a tropical island and I wasn’t going to let
anything stop me from being in the best shape of my life!

I began to educate myself on what it was going to take to get me started on my fitness adventure.
Along with some homework on the internet, I decided to get in touch with my old friend from
high school, David Troupin, to lend me some pointers. I had heard through the grapevine as well
as a few of the social media sites that David was an up-and-coming personal trainer in California
and decided to reach out to him for some advice.

After exchanging a few emails with Dave, I was ready to begin. He broke EVERYTHING down
for me; my food intake, macronutrients, exercises, rest periods, volume, ect. I was amazed at
how little I actually knew about how to make your fitness goals become a reality. But I trusted

10 weeks later and 28 pounds lighter, I’m glad that I did. Dave helped me get into the best shape
I’ve been in since high school, ten long years ago! And with as far as I’ve come already, this is
just the beginning…

Thanks Dave!


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