I can’t say enough good things about my training with David. I hired him after giving birth to my first child. We met together and he sketched out a diet plan together. He is quite knowledgable and answered all my questions and concerns about the diet he was having me implement. The workouts that he designs for me leave me sore every week and I can feel myself getting stronger with every workout.

The workouts and diets aren’t what set David apart as a trainer though. I feel like he has a genuine interest in seeing me succeed. I got sick a couple of months ago and fell of my training regiment and have been struggling to get back on board. Some other trainers that I know of, would make me feel badly for this back slide, but David is nothing but encouraging. Reminding me there is nothing I can do about yesterday, but I can always improve tomorrow. He’s my own personal cheerleader and gives great and timely feedback. He makes me feel like I’m his only client and I feel like I can always email or text him a question and he’s always willing and able to get back to me quickly. When my husband lost his job and I was unable to afford training with him in person, he was willing to work with me so that I could train with him.

I will continue to work with David until I reach my current fitness goals and beyond. If you’re looking for an outstanding trainer, David is an excellent choice.


















* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.