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David has, quite simply, improved my life.
In 2013, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. My active lifestyle took a big hit. Due to the condition, I was pretty much immobile (using a wheelchair at one point) and had no energy. After my initial flare up calmed down, I decided I needed help getting back on track physically. I had gained weight, lost muscle mass, and had no energy. It was rough.
I met with David after connecting with him online. I needed to work with a trainer who understood my condition and could push me, but be flexible and understanding at the same time. That’s David in a nutshell – encouraging, supportive, and understanding.
We started out with stretching and foam rolling, trying to get my body used to being more active. David was able to come to my home – a big plus for someone who, at the time, didn’t have the energy to walk across the apartment, let alone drive to a gym. David slowly integrated light strength training into our sessions, but continued to focus on rehabilitating my muscles and joints. We also worked on dietary issues. Weight loss wasn’t my primary goal (while it has been a benefit); I needed to be able to have the strength and energy to just get through a normal day. 8 months and many illness and setbacks later, I am doing just that.
I still work with David. He is still super accessible – I can call or text him with a question about anything, anytime. He is positive and never gives up on a client. I have worked with other trainers and “fitness experts” in the past and have seen results, but I have never felt that someone was actually invested in my whole health and well-being.
I recommend David to anyone for any reason. Whether you need strength training, injury rehab, nutrition support, massage (his staff therapist, Linda, is INCREDIBLE), David can help. He definitely helped me.













* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.