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I am a working, single mother of 3 young kids. I do not have time to waste. Let me inform you that I am one of those “particular” people. I expect high quality for services I pay for. Nothing short of what I would do for my own hair clients. And I believe in strong basics and foundation.

David is an excellent trainer. Why? His priority is Posture and Proper Form. That = strong foundation to build on. He actually has his eye on his clients the entire time so that the possibility of injury from a misalignment of your body is not going to happen. He expects you to give your full attention while you are training. He does not chit chat about meaning less topics. He gives HIS all to you, wants to see you succeed and holds you accountable. He will help you in Nutrition too. He even took me to the grocery store and helped me organize my meals!

He has even helped my children in developing proper body positioning while exercising and helped them with their running. It is absolutely a pleasure to give 5 stars to Body by Dave. I wish I could give much more.
















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