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I have been training with David for about 6 months now. When I began training with David my main goal was to loose a few pounds, basically i wanted to lean out a bit. I was trying to build on more mass prior to training with David. I was eating a lot of bad food and also had a few injuries that affected my training. David was able to assist me in creating a better meal plan and created workout routines that were specific to my needs. As we progress my knee injury improved from week to week and before i knew it, I was not longer using my knew brace to the gym which was very exciting!!!! I also was able to shed almost 10 pounds of water weight/fat which was also very exciting. I love training and being active. David is very knowledgable when it comes to fitness. I have trained with many trainers and this is super important. I trust David and his judgment when it comes to our training routines. David will give you results if your willing to one, do the work. Two, stay dedicated and don’t give up. Three, believe he can help you. Thank you David for helping me stay motivated and excited about training, feeling good and looking good!




















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