Ali & Dave at Hospital

Hi this is Noura. I just want to share with you my lovely experience with Body by Dave. The amazing experience for us to have it with David for my father (patient at the ucsd hospital ) I know if I want to talk I cannot say enough goods about him. He started with him just as a physical therapy with a muscle moving just on the bed and that helped the muscle to improved really good in about one months there was a very big fantastic result with the muscles, with holding stuff and carrying or standing, in the second month my father can walk very good by using the walker and he can turn like two or three laps at the hospital and that was very very very good and unexpected. We are still having David as long as we can through our stays in United States. Again, David thanks very much for helping us.. I can give you 1000 over 100% As a trainer , as the physical therapy and more as a friend.. Thanks again and good luck.

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