I have worked with two other trainers before, but working with Dave has been the best so far. I have been working out with him since mid-November, and I have been incredibly pleased with my results, and my experience, thus far.

My primary goal is weight loss (60-70 lbs overall). Dave provided a free consultation, which included basic nutrition counseling, setting calorie goals (intake and burn), and teaching me the basics of foam rolling. We meet twice a week for strength training, but I can check-in with him anytime with questions or to tell him about an achievement and he’s quick to respond back. His use of technology (such
as MyFitnessPal) has been incredibly helpful as well.

Since I started training with Dave in mid-November, I’ve lost 14 lbs and decreased from a size 16 to a 14. I pay for in-home training because I have two small boys, and Dave has been able to work with my schedule and meet at convenient times for me.

Dave told me a month ago that if I wanted to be below 200 by the New Year, we’d make it happen. I kind of laughed, not really believing him. Well, I started at 214 in mid-November, and here I sit a few days before New Year’s at 201. Dave’s knowledge of the body, nutrition, and exercise physiology is obvious, and he will design a plan that works for you. He’s helped me make a total lifestyle change. I would recommend him to anyone with any sort of fitness goals–Dave knows his stuff, and he’ll get you to your goal.