Working with Dave has helped me become a stronger runner and injury free.  I run a lot training for half and full marathons.  The races I have run since training with him have felt a lot better.  I ran a 1:28 in my last half marathon and it was the best I have felt due to all the strength training with Dave.  I normally feel fatigued toward the end but this time was different and I was strong throughout.  Dave has also been working with me on injury prevention since I put my body through a lot of stress due to all the miles.  The stretching and foam rolling has kept me injury free as well as made my body adapt better to the intense run workouts. Dave is knowledgeable in all aspects of strength training, nutrition, staying injury free and many other facets.  If you are looking for a personal trainer, I recommend Dave to help achieve your personal fitness goals.

Emily Running La Jolla Half Marathon



























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