Six months prior to my wedding, I hired Dave to help me get ready for the big day. He has been awesome so far! Before I even officially hired Dave he gave me a full hour to get to know him and go over my entire plan. We have been working out 3x a week at 5am and the results have been awesome. I have lost inches everywhere and my % of body fat is going down month after month. I feel strong, lean and athletic again! Dave has a whole plan and a lot of tools and apps to keep track of your overall progress. He is very encouraging but also holds you accountable to weigh-ins and measurements which I appreciate and need! It has been working so well that my best friend decided to join us and it has been working great for her too! Dave is definitely the best trainer out there! I would highly recommend for anyone that is sick of just taking exercises classes / doing cardio and hoping for the best. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes to be on a consistent plan created and monitored by an expert like Dave.

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