You would say, because San Diego supposed to be the hub in fitness, it would be easier to find a Personal Trainer. Well, not so!!!

Before I found Dave, I first tried to hired 6 other personal trainers which it was a total frustration. Please don’t take me wrong, four out six of these trainers are in excellent shape.

I became a student of Exercise Science which I have been for the last four years. Because my doctor told me, that I was over 100lbs overweight, and I needed to lose them ASAP. So I thought if this is going to be my lifestyle I’ll better learn it correctly from the get go. But in order to reach fully my goal, I have reached the point where I need another set of eyes and brain. I share this piece of information, to let you know, that I know what to look for and what to disregard in relation of hiring a Personal Trainer.

When I finally found Dave, I couldn’t be happier!! To me, the number one door opener “Resume” of any Personal Trainer is their own looks. Because if they were able to get there, and keep themselves that way, they are going to be able to help me to get there as well. If their bodies doesn’t tell me, that they practice what their preach, I am moving to the next option!!

I choose a Personal Trainer, like choosing a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, etc. Because a Personal Trainer is going to be involved with my life and health. He or she will have a say, in my health, nutrition, sleeping and living habits. It cannot be just anyone, but someone who will inspire me, trustworthy, reliable as a good doctor and/or a good lawyer would be.

Dave have this great combination!! He is in an amazing shape!! He is knowledgeable, polite, reliable, engaged, follow through, caring, flexible, he takes his clients very serious and invest himself on them. He accommodates you and work with your schedule and personal needs. He has an amazing plus, he provides mobile services which it makes him perfect for me!! If you cannot commute to his gym, because of time restrictions, lacking of personal transportation, or whatever might be, he is your option. He will go to your office, to your home gym or outdoors if you would prefer.

Don’t waste your time looking for anyone else, specially if you are time restrained, or for a short period of time here in So Cal. Just give Dave a call, set up your Free Consultation with him and go from there. Don’t overthink it, but give him a try!! Save yourself frustration, time and money. Dave fees are very reasonable, specially when you’ll realize what you are getting, a top professional!!

I am very selective!! But I recommend Dave as a Personal Trainer to anyone!!!

Thank you Dave!! 🙂





* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.