My first consultation with David was after a year long struggle to lose any weight while working out 2-3x/week and eating responsibly (not clean, but responsible). My endocrinologist identified a metabolic issue as the reason for my weight gain and the inability to lose it in spite of exercising and diet. Now my concerns were deeper than weight loss; I had to get my body and metabolism back on track and that’s when I reached out to David.

The initial consultation with David was longer than I expected (David will give you as much time as you need to discuss your goals and his plans) and thorough. The one thing I have appreciated about David from Day 1 is that he’s never in a hurry to dismiss you and you never feel rushed. When David unveiled his fitness and nutrition plan for me along with a timeline for weight loss, I was in disbelief. My initial thought was, “There is no way. I haven’t lost a single pound in 12 months and there is no way my body is going to lose that kind of weight that fast.” I WAS DEAD WRONG. After following David’s nutrition and exercise plan 4 months (13 weeks to be precise) I have lost a net of 13 lbs – a lb a week! If you count the amount of muscle I have gained, I’m sure my weight loss is much more and continuing.

Thanks to David I have learned a lot about nutrition, calories, types of food, exercise, and will power. David’s positive and encouraging attitude along with his knowledge of nutrition, fitness and exercise makes him the perfect trainer. If you are diagnosed with a chronic metabolic issue such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or diabetes, it is very important that you incorporate the right type of diet/exercise and David can help you formulate a plan that meets your needs. If you’re considering getting a personal trainer, look no further.















* Disclaimer: Client results may vary per client and not guaranteed.