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Full Body Workout (Supersets)

Updated: Feb 5

Today's Full Body Workout is 3 sets of 12 reps of each exercise and supersets combining 2 exercises back to back. Make sure to rest at least 60 seconds between sets after competition of the two exercises back to back.

1st Superset

Pushups with Alternating Knee Raises

Supine Bench Dumbbells Pec Fly with Leg Raises

2nd Superset

Seated Cable Lat Pull-down

Bent Over Dumbbells Reverse Pec Fly

3rd Superset

Seated Incline Bench Dumbbells Shoulder Press

Static Lunges with Dumbbells Lateral Shoulder Raises (6 Reps Each Leg)

4th Superset

Standing Cable Biceps Curls

Deadlift with Dumbbells Hammer Curls

5th Superset

Standing Cable Triceps Pushdown

Single Leg Bent Over Dumbbells Reverse Grip Tricep Extensions with Back Foot on Bench or Elevated (6 Reps Each Leg)

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