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How to Eliminate Pain in Your Hands and Fingers

Updated: Jan 7

Do you have pain in your hands? Are your fingers stiff and you have a hard time bending or straightening them? So many people struggle with aches, pains, general tightness especially in their hands and fingers. Today I'm going to show you how to fix any pain in your hands and fingers with simple and effective tools and techniques to loosen up, relieve and eliminate that pain or tightness you may be experiencing. Please give me a few minutes of your valuable time to teach you how to identify and fix these yourself both now and in the future.

All You Need is One of the Following Tools

Massage Gun (Percussive Therapy Device)

Lets start with a massage gun which is the quickest and most effective of the tools mentioned above to loosen up any pain, inflammation or tightness in your hands. Most pain or inflammation in the hands is can be loosened up by applying pressure on or around any tight or painful spots in your hands until they release. The beauty of the Massage Gun or also known as a percussive therapy device is that it is a tool that uses small, rapid mini burst of pressure on sore or tight muscle tissue to bring blood flow to muscle tissue reducing inflammation.

I recommend starting the massage gun with a soft tip similar to a small ball at a higher setting and very gently applying it starting near your base of your thumb close to, but not on your wrist itself. As you start to gently and slowly move this around all the muscle and soft tissue around your thumb, you will most likely notice some tender or tight spots around the thumb. Most people don't even realize they have until you start to poke at these areas. Once you find these tender or tight spots, keep applying gentle pressure on these areas until the pain starts to dissipate and/or you feel relief or heat sensation from fresh blood entering the soft tissue. Work the massage gun in and around the front and back of your hand around your thumb gently stopping on any tight spots you may come across. You may notice when you hit tight spots that the sounds of the vibration will grow louder due to resistance from the attachment tip hitting "adhesions" or "knots".

Now that you have worked through all the tightness around the thumb, start to move the massage gun around the palm from the base of the hand and near the wrist all the way to the fingers stopping at any tight spots or louder areas with the massage gun until they loosen up and/or the sounds softens. After you have worked around the hand, start running the massage gun gently along the fingers one by one focusing on any tight spots you come across. Now, take a minute or two to gently stretch your hands and fingers wiggling them around to assess them and see if you find any other tightness. If you still feel any tightness or discomfort in any spots, refocus the massage gun on those spots until you have eliminated them all.

Lacrosse Ball

The next tool you can utilize is a Lacrosse ball if you don't have a massage gun. Start by placing the ball on a table, desk, counter or harder surface. Then apply your hand palm down on the ball gently rolling the ball along your hand. You can either start near the thumb or just at the base of your hand close to your wrist. Slowly roll the ball around your hand stopping on any tight or tender spots and gently apply pressure on those spots until you start to feel the muscle and tightness release. You may even start to feel warmth in the area as fresh blood starts to enter the tight or inflamed area. Once you have sourced out all the tender and tight spots on the bottom of your hand along your palm, start to roll the ball along the bottom of each finger applying gently pressure from above with the opposite hand looking for tender or tight spots. If you are having a hard time applying enough concentrated pressure on tightness in your finger, you can use either your other and fingers to dig them out or grab a golf ball if you have one available.

Golf Ball

A golf ball is a very effective tool as well to loosen up tightness in your hands and requires little to any pressure at all due to it being smaller and harder surface area to stimulate blood flow and help loosen up tightness in your hands and fingers. You will start similar to the lacrosse ball placing it on a hard surface like a table, desk, counter or the floor. Then, place your hand above it and very gently applying pressure from above and rolling it along the bottom of your hand until you find tender or tight spots. I recommend being very gentle since you can bruise your hand easily if digging in too hard since the golf ball doesn't have any give to it. The goal is to stimulate blood flow without creating more inflammation.

Your Hand and Fingers

Last tool you can use is your own hand and fingers. You can start by using your thumb or pointing/index finger to start poking around in the opposite hand starting around the base of the thumb and applying pressure to any tender or tight spots. As you loosen up the muscle tissue on the top and bottom of the thumb and all around it, you will start to notice more mobility and range of motion. Once you have loosened up your thumb, start digging in around your base of your thumb up towards the fingers along your palm. Apply any necessary pressure to soften up and tender or tight spots you come across along the way.

Once you have loosened up all the muscles and soft tissue in the palm, turn your attention to your fingers. Start working on the soft tissue along the bottom of each finger closest to your knuckle and applying pressure along the tendon and the muscles as your work towards the tip of your fingers. Once you have worked your way through each finger, gently stretch your hands and fingers and assess how they feel. Once you have loosened up your hands and done your assessment, you may notice a few spots you missed that may need additional attention and pressure.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they have helped relieve any pain or tightness you may have been experiencing. For any additional questions please feel free to comment below or contact me directly though my contact forms. Please like and share this post on social media, email it to friends and family, and/or subscribe below and follow me for more tips and tricks with health and fitness.

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