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Workout of the Week (Full Body Workout)

Today's Full Body workout of the week will be focused on exercise endurance with 2 Sets of 20 Repetitions with 2 exercises back to back in each circuit with approximately 60 second rest breaks in between each exercise circuit.

1st Circuit

Supine Bench V-ups with Weight (You can use a weight plate, medicine ball, or no weight if needed to modify and keep knees bent if too stress much on your back or hips)

Standing Single Arm Oblique Extensions with Dumbbell (You may also use a Weighted Plate or Kettlebell if preferred)

2nd Circuit

Pushups (Against Bench, Barbell Rack or on Knees if needed as modification)

Bent Over Dumbbells Mid Grip Rows

3rd Circuit

Standing Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raises

Seated Incline Bench Dumbbells Biceps Curls

4th Circuit

Stagger Stance Overhead Dumbbells Triceps Extensions

Static Lunges with Dumbbells (You may use Kettlebell or Weight Plates if needed)

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